Davide Meneghello is an artist (b. 1991) who works and lives in London. 

He graduated from a MA Photography at LCC, University of the Arts London in 2016, with the award winning project Again He Holds me by the Hand. From February 2018 to February 2019 will be part of the residency programme LifeBoat, awarded through Artquest, London.

Davide Meneghello’s work uses photography, slide, text and installation as a space to investigate meaning and ideas concerned with gender representation, queer history and the construction of the homosexual discourse. Other recurrent themes in his practice are historical narratives, systems of representation and archival practices. Fundamental component to his making is the employment of physical and material process as tools for conceptual outcomes.

Recent exhibitions and presentations include Writing Photographs at Tate Modern, London, 2018; Burning with Pleasure at Photofusion, London, 2017; NeXos at Fundation la Posta, Valencia, selected from the European Network of MA Photography, 2017; Three-fold at Baltifou gallery, Hangzhou, China, 2017. His work has been published by Photoworks, Der Grief, Cactus Digitale and Eyesore Magazine. His project Again He Hold Me by the Hand has been nominated for the Magnum graduate award 2017 and he has  co-curated the exhibition Vacant. In Use, coordinated by the Alumni group MA Photography of LCC, part of Deptford X Fringe 2017, London.










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