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Notes on a Masculine Image, 2020 

Published by Galerie 5b

Design: Ben Seeley 

Editor: Kirstie Sequitin, Davide Meneghello

Contributors: Sean Burns, Alastair Curtis, and Lalu Delbracio

Screw-bound flip-book, triptych print folio and booklet in archive box

Edition of 100, numbered

Galerie 5b (Order Here)

Also available at: The Photographer’s Gallery (London), Tenderbooks(London) a.p. (Berlin), Burning House Books (Glasgow)

Japan Distribution: Twelve Books

US Distribution: Citizen Edition



Again He Holds my by the Hand, 2019


Design: Massimo Melloni

Editor: Davide Meneghello

Staple Bound, p.40

Edition of 50, numbered

Printed Matter Inc. (NY)

The Photographer’s Gallery (London)

Sold Out




2023 Responses to Forbidden Colours (c.1988) by Felix Gonzales-Torres (Pilot Press)

2019 Liberté, Liberté Chérie (Exhib CatGalerie Lympia)

2017 neXos. New Perspectives in European Documentary Photography, (Valencia, ES)

2016 Three-Fold, MA final show, London College Communication, UAL. (London, UK)



2023 The Leap, Cambridge Journal of Visual Culture Issue no.2 (Printed)

2021 Hidden in Plain Sight, British Journal of Photography (Online)

2021 Notes on a Masculine Image, PYLOT Magazine (Online)

2021 Notes on a Masculine Image, Numeró Berlin (Online)

2020 Cactus Magazine, Issue To zero Power (Printed)

2019 Paris Ass Book Fair – Vice France (Online)

2018 Der Grief – Online Artist Feature and Curated Blog (Online)

2018 Revolv Collective: Playful re-configuration of found photography (Online)

2017 Lifeboat Residency – Award Announcement (Online)

2017 Der Grief Jubilee-Issue/ 10th anniversary publication (Printed)

2017 Magnum Graduate photographers Award – Nominee (Online)

2017 Exhibition Review: Vacant. In Use – Old police Station Deptford (Online)

2017 Wordsworth Editions Walt Whitman by Sally Minogue (Reference to Again He Holds Me by the Hand) (Online)

2017 Essays group exhibition neXos. New Perspectives in European Documentary Photography (Printed)

2017 Feature: European Network of Masters Studies in Photography (Online)

2017 Photoworks Showcase: Again He Holds Me by the Hand (Online)

2017 Fotografia Europea – Circuito Off (Online)

2017 PARC: Photography and Archive Research Center, UAL (IG Takeover)

2016 Cactus Magazine Issue 2, Collaboration with Ed Forniels (printed).

2016 Aesthetica Magazine – LCC Postgraduate Shows: Conceptual Engagements (Online)

2016 UAL: Spotlight LCC Postgraduate Show (Online)

2016 UAL: MA Photography Prize Winners Annunced (Online)

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