CV 2

Davide Meneghello

Born 1991, Italy.

Works and lives in London.



2016 MA Photography, London College Communication, UAL (London, UK)

2014 BA Sociology, University of Trento (Trento, IT)



2024 After-Hours: People Who Work Here, David Zwirner (NYC, USA)

2023 Paris Ass Book Fair, Queer Street Press, Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR)

2023 A to Zine, Queer Circle (London, UK)

2022 Paris Ass Book Fair, Queer Street Press, Lafayette Anticipation (Paris, FR)

2019 Surveilling the Breach, two person exhibition with Jodie Wingham, 12th Floor, The Tower Building (London, UK)

2019 Bold, Museum of Croydon (London, UK)

2019 Liberté, Liberté Chérie, Galerie Lympia (Nice, FR)

2019 Strange Perfume, Queer Culture Book Fair, South London Gallery (London, UK)

2019 We Belong To a Poetry Club, with Beyond Beyond Studio, Walkinstudio – Festival degli Spazi d’Artista (Milan, IT)

2019 Again He Holds Me by the Hand, Jest Fotografia (Turin, IT) (Solo)

2019 Paris Ass Book Fair, Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR)

2019 Writing Photographs, UAL Research Fortnight, Lower Street Gallery, LCC (London, UK)

2018 Open Studio, BLUNT collective, ACAVA (London, UK).

2017 Burning with Pleasure, Photofusion (London, UK).

2017 Vacant. In Use, Old Police Station, Deptford X Festival (London, UK).

2017 Again He Holds Me by the Hand, Baltifou Gallery (Hangzhou, China).

2017 Xenos:New Perspectives in European Documentary Photography, PhotOn Festival   (Valencia, Spain).

2016 Final Show MAP LCC, Three-Fold, Ugly Duck (London, UK).

2016 Interim Show, Well Gallery, London College Communication, UAL (London, UK).

2014 GenovaContemporanea, Satura Art Gallery (Genoa, Italy).

2013 Unexposed ID, San Gaetano Cultural Centre (Padua, Italy).

2013 Padua Photography Festival, Subspace Gallery (Padua, Italy).


Awards and Residencies

2021 Shortlisted, Jerwood/Photoworks Award (London, UK)

2018-2019 Awarded, Lifeboat Artquest Residency. One year studio programme (London, UK)

2017 Nominated, Magnum Graduate Award (London, UK)

2017 Nominated, Mack First Book Award (London, UK)

2016 Awarded, Photofusion Photography Prize (London, UK)

2016 Awarded, Metro Imaging Mentorship Award (London, UK)

2016 Awarded, Commendation Photoworks Prize (London, UK)



2018-2020 Part of research group Writing Photographs, London College Communication, UAL (UK)

2016 Editorial in collaboration with Ed Forniels for Cactus Digitale, Issue N.2 (UK/Italy)

2013 WithinPhotography Collective. Four dates between Photography and Performance (Italy)



2017 Co-curation, with Paloma Tondero,  of Vacant. In Use. Group exhibition at the Old Police Station, (London, UK). Part of Deptford X Fringe Festival.



2024 Lecture at Apollo School of Painting (Upcoming, July 2024)

2021 Notes on a Masculine Image, book launch and artist talk, a.p. (Berlin, DE)

2021 Queer Propositions and the Photographic Archive, solo lecture on In-Ruins curatorial platform (online)

2021 Queering the Archive: In-conversation with Dr Sara Davidmann and Davide Meneghello, Canterbury Christ Church University, part of LGBT+ History Month Talk Series (online)

2020 Cactus Magazine Talks: In-conversation with Rita Lino and Davide Meneghello (online)

2019 Invisible Material: Process, Performance and Screenings, LCC, UAL (London, UK)

2018 Constructing the Homosexual at the conference Writing Photographs, Tate Modern (London, UK)

2017 Symposium Photography and New Generation (Hangzhou, China).



Wellcome Collection Library



2023 Responses to Forbidden Colours (c.1988) by Felix Gonzales-Torres, Pilot Press (Printed/UK)

2023 The Leap, Cambridge Journal of Visual Culture Issue no.2 (Printed/UK)

2021 Hidden in Plain Sight, British Journal of Photography (Online)

2021 Notes on a Masculine Image, PYLOT Magazine (Online)

2021 Notes on a Masculine Image, Numéro (Online/Germany)

2020 Issue: to zero power, Cactus Magazine (Printed/Italy)

2019 Liberté, Liberté Chérie, Galerie Lympia (Printed/France)

2019 Paris Ass Book Fair – VICE (Online/France)

2018 Artist feature and curated blog, Der Grief (Online/Germany)

2018 Playful re-configuration of found photography, Revolv Collective (Online/UK)

2018 Lifeboat Residency – Award Announcement, Artquest (Online/UK)

2017 Jubilee-Issue– 10th anniversary publication, Der Grief (Printed/Germany)

2017 The Graduate Photographers Award 2017 Nominees, Magnum Photos (Online/UK)

2017 Exhibition Review: Vacant. In Use– Old police Station Deptford, UAL Blog (Online/UK)

2017 O camerado close!’: Sally Minogue salutes Walt Whitman on his birthday, Wordsworth (Online/UK)

2017 NeXos. New Perspectives in European Documentary Photography, Catalogue, Fundation La Posta  (Printed/Spain)

2017 NeXos. New Perspectives in European Documentary Photography, Essays, Fundation La Posta (Printed/Spain)

2017 Again He Holds Me by the Hand, Photoworks (Online/UK)

2017 Again He Holds Me by the Hand, Fotografia Europea – Circuito Off (Online/ Italy)

2016 Eyesore Magazine, Issue n.2. (Printed/UK)

2016 Cactus Digitale Magazine, Issue n.2. Collaboration with Ed Forniels (Printed/Italy)

2016 LCC Postgraduate Shows: Conceptual Engagements, Aesthetica Magazine (Online/UK)

2016 Spotlight LCC Postgraduate Show, University of the Arts London Blog (Online/UK)

2016 MA Photography Prize Winners Annunced, University of the Arts London Blog (Online/UK)

2016 Three-Fold Catalogue MA final show, London College Communication, UAL (Printed/UK)

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