An Improvised Archive of the Lost Time




Eysore Magazine

Revolv Collective

Text / We Now Make a History Out of Our Detritus


An improvised archive of the lost time is a playful re-configuration of 35 mm slides collected through the years. The work, commissioned by Eyesore Magazine, looks at the dispersion of private archives and their possible surreal re-configurations.

“Memory as Detritus, you will become a platform to re-make history. Your dispersion of involuntary nature have brought you together in a chaotic arrangement, without caring about any classification, chronological or familiar unity, as an anarchy of traces and a disassembly of a more systematic entity.

Your diaspora allowed the accidental reconstruction of new archives, based on randomness and loose connections, where unexpected touches between gelatines open ways for new meetings, reconfigurations and ironies.
So now, displaced memories, unite to other experiences, to other spots in an improvised and heterogeneous archive of lost time, you become a tableaux for new pictorial compositions, associations and palins√®sto, surface after surface where our recent history can be read and re-imagined.” Extract from the above text.





























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